Committed to Juniors and Junior Golf

G.A.J.U.G.A. Instructional Clinics

The G.A.J.U.G.A. instructional clinics are offered to provide instruction in the basics of golf and etiquette with similar ability and age of participants. We are pleased to offer nine clinics this year, each taught by Kelly Kuhlman, a PGA Golf Professional using the "First Tee Curriculum".  You may check the website for more information about their program. 

Clinic dates and locations are listed on the tournament schedule and our events schedule, both which can be accessed from our webpage.

Clinic #1 Respect

Clinic #2 Courtesy

Clinic #3 Responsibility

Clinic #4 Honesty

Clinic #5 Sportsmanship

Clinic #6 Confidence

Clinic #7 Judgement

Clinic #8 Perseverance

Clinic #9 Integrity

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel  participation 48 hours prior to the event. No make-up is available for missed sessions.