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Golf Tips for Junior Golfers


We will be posting several tips and suggestions to junior golfers and their parents to improve their game and have fun!



  • Line up with your eyes over the ball
  • Keep wrists firm
  • A short stroke back and a long smoooth follow through
  • Smooth rhythm and tempo are important
  • You must keep your head and lower body very still
  • The length of the stroke, terrain and grass height are all factors that will determine the distance the ball will travel.


Pre-Shot Routine

Besides being a junior golfer in the past, I now teach juniors and have observed junior golfers on many occasions.  So, to all the kids out there that are a part of GAJUGA, I have one thing to say that in my mind will help you out the most;  SLOW DOWN!

To play faster in my mind is to hit fewer shots.  To do this, try and slow down.  All too often I've noticed that young golfers have a hard time taking enough time over the shot they are about to hit.  The young golfer will wait patiently for someone else to play their next shot (and after they realize it's their turn) they simply stand or run up to their ball and hit away as quickly as possible.  My suggestion would be to start learning a pre-shot routine now.

A simple pre-shot routine would include:  standing behind th ball and looking at exactly where you want  to hit it.  Walk slowly up to your ball and set your club down behind it.  Take your grip.  Adjust your feet and body until you're comfortable and have one good last look at your target before you swing.

If you are not doing this now, try it out.  I bet you will play faster and better by slowing down and thinking about exactly what you want to do with your golf shot before you do it.


Pre Swing / Set-up

Grip - Hold the club with 2-3 knuckles of your front hand visible, with consistent pressure, positioning and precision.  Hold the club in your fingetips.  The last three fingers of your front hand hold the club firmly.  The rear palm should overlap the front thumb.  Select your choice of overlapping, 10-finger or interlocking grip.

Posture - Knees should be slightly flexed, back straight, chin-up and shoulders square, bending at the hips.

Alignment - The club face must be square to the desired line of flight, with the feet, hips and shoulders in a parallel line to the line of flight.

Ball position - A seven iron should be near the center of your stance.  Longer clubs (6 iron through driver) should move progressively forward, and shorter clubs ( 8 iron through sand wedge) should move progressively back in your stance.  Your hands should always be ahead of your club.


How to hit a drive

Start slow back swing along target line with extended left arm.

Shift weight to right side and bring club back parallel to ground.

Shift weight from right to left on downswing allowing arms to follow.

Turn left hip out of the way to a balanced TV finish.


Improving Your Short Game

Make Practice Fun.

As I look back on my junior golfer days, no one thing stands out more to me that made me a better player than access to a chipping and putting green.  I would spend hours practicing on my short game and had fun the whole time by inventing contests to challenge myself and my friends while I practiced..

Little Par 3's:  My friend and I would find difficult chip shots around a chipping green and play them as par 3's and keep score.

10 and Done:  Before golf tournaments, I would finish my practice sessions with having to hole out 10 shots on the practice chipping area before I would allow myself to go home.  Needless to say, it took some time to complete, but my short game ALWAYS kept me competitive in golf tournaments.

7-up:  This is a game you play with a friend or friends on the practice putting green.  With one ball, you get a point for closest to the hole and 2 points for making the putt.  Take turns choosing difficult or easy putts.  First one to 7 wins!

Around the World and Back:  On most putting greens there are several holes to putt at.  Take three balls and play to each hole from the prior one then back through the opposite direction on the green.  My focus was to make aggressive putt for aces with no 3 putts.

The young golfers in Gaylord have many chipping and putting greens to choose from.  Most are free to use provided that you go into the pro-shop and request permission first.  Make sure that when you practice these games, that you are not chipping onto a putting only green and you are not disturbing other golfers practicing as well.