Committed to Juniors and Junior Golf

History of GAJUGA

Randy and Sue Thomas started GAJUGA in the summer of 1995. Randy thought that since he was the Gaylord High School golf team coach, it would be a perfect fit to begin the junior golf program. The first year, the program started with 35 - 40 kids. One of the goals was to organize a girl's high school golf team through the efforts of junior golf.

A few years later, Pat Duffy took over the GAJUGA program from Randy and Sue. Then after a couple of years of inactivity, Mark Hogan, Golf Professional at Otsego Club, organized a committee of golf professionals and interested community members in 2005 to re-energize the program. In 2007, over 170 kids from the age of 7 to 17 were involved in the growing program. In 2008, GAJUGA launched a new website ( and new mini-camps for more specialized lessons for area junior golfers.

In an effort to keep the program fresh, 2010 brought some changes to the schedule of events.  In lieu of mini-camps, free lessons for GAJUGA participants were offered before the season began.  The addition of two tournaments to enhance competition also changed the format of weekly play.